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The Dead Next Door Banner
J. R. Bookwalter

The Dead Next Door



You have just witnessed the incredible talents of:



Peter Ferry

Dr. Moulsson


Bogan "Don" Pecic



Michael Grossi



Jolie Lackunas

Reverend Jones


Robert Kokai

Captain Kline


Floyd Ewing Jr.

Dr. Franklin


Roger Graham



Maria Markovic



Jon Killough



Scott Spielgel

Commander Carpenter


Jeff Welch



Michael Todd



Jr. Bookwalter



Jennifer Mullen

Dr. Savini


Joe Wedlake

Dr. Bow


Lester Clark



MichaelTolochiko Jr.

Dr. J


Barbara Cay



Bill Morrison

Soldier #1


Jerry Porter

Soldier #2


Emilio Cornachlone

Drag-a-long Zombie/Hood Zombie


Kelly Helmick

Farmhouse Zombie


Jon Killough



a neat fake head

TV Announcer


Matt Patrick

Video store Manager


Jeffrey Scaduto


Smaller-but-equally-important roles:

Two thugs in prolouge


John Dearing



Anthony Regic

Phone booth zombie


Tina Gill

Dead kid in Farmhouse


James L. Edwards

Second farmhouse zombie


Robert W. Armstrong

Workers in Zombie Squad rec room


Robert Hudson



Ken Ingersoll



Cameron Armstrong

Zombie squard unit 319 zombies


Lousie Leininger



Chris Breiding



James Edwards

Sacrifice room victim


Melanie Todd

Rat-eating zombie



The van driver


Michael Todd

Luther, the van driver’s zombie


Scott Plummer

"the stand-in to the stars"


Scott Plummer






Kelly Helmick



Joe Wedlake



Scott Plummer



Michael Todd



Anthony Regic



Sheldon Seymour

Stunts coordinator


Kelly Helmick




Lead extras


Ora Ford



John Edwards



Jennifer Bookwalter



James Stout



Phyllis Brown



Judith Cross



Fleet Woods



Ray Murphy



Tracie Murphy



Rebecca Roberts



Moses Stein



Tim Baker



Christie Braybon



Jennifer Blythe



Michael Aust



Mary Picirilli



Daron Anderson


We regret that space and time does not permit us to list all of the extras that assisted in creating the illusion of mass chaos and utter zombiedom that we hope to have achived.




The following did all of the physical and mental labor that it took to create this film

We hope that you will acknowledge their efforts.


Written, produced and directed by


J. R. Bookwalter

Line producer


Jolie Jackunas

Associate Producers


Scott P. Plummer



Michael Todd

Assistant director


Michael Todd

Production coordinator


Barbara Norrod



Mike Shea

Production Secretary/script supervisor


Tina Gill

Assistant production coordinator


Gail Dearing



Carolyn Bookwalter



Robert Hunt



Larry Lumplikker

Key Production assistant


James L. Edwards

Production assistants


Ralph Hannaman



Brian L. Gault



Yolonda Squatpump



Winky Dinky Dog





Director of photography


Michael Tolochko Jr.

Camera Operators


Robert Hudson



J. R. Bookwalter



Michael Tolochko Jr.



Joseph Setele



Jeffrey W. Scaduto



Chris (The Rock) Breiding



Lesa Dieter

Dolly grip


Joe Wedlake

Grips(and many other functions)


John Dearing



Anthony Redic



Chris Breiding



Jeffrey W. Scaduto

Still photographers


Roger Graham



J. R. Bookwalter



Michael Tolochko Jr.




Production design

Production designer


Jon Killough

Costume designerand wardrobe/props assistant


Louise Leininger

Property mistress/wardrobe assistant


Kelly Johnson

Wardrobe and props assistant


Mary Sue Poulelis

Sets construction


Jon Killough



Kelly Helmick

Set design assistance


Randall Enlow



Lauren Beck




Speciality Props

Zombie squard wagon reconstruction


Jeffrey W. Scaduto



Michael Tolochko Jr.

Zombie Squard Station Wagon Decor


Seymour Sheldon

Zombie Squard logos created by


Michael D.O.C. Porter

Jones‘ Cadillac and big ugly white van supplied by



Weapons Supplied by


Rossos gun and sport shop



Robert Bookwalker



Delbert Killough




MakeUp and Effects

Head MakeUp artist and hairdresser


Sharon Mirman

MakeUp artists


Susan Rothacker



Joanne Gallagher



Lori Siegenthaler



Natalie Vaughn



Tina gill



Jennifer Mullen

Nifty special Makeup Effects


David Barton



Bill "DOE" Morrison



J.R. Bookwalter



Michael Todd



Mike Davy



Sean Rodgers



Ron Contenza



Dave Nadvornick



David Lange

Additinal Hairdressing


Jerry Kurl




Heat-o Explosive effects & Squih hits


J. R. Bookwalter



Kelly Helmick



Kelly Johnson

Additional FX and assistance


Alternative realities LTD.



Patty Witteman




Extras and Castings

Extra Casting Supervisor


Jennifer Mullen

Extras casting Assistants


Martina Matich



Barbara Norrod



Gail Dearing

Casting Directors


Cookkiehead Jenkins



Jolie Jackunas



Jon Killough

Transportation of a cast of thousands


Joe Catrone



Jerry Porter



Jolie Jackunas





Edited by


J. R. Bookwalter

On-line video editing


Bill Deronde

1" Rank film-to-video transfers


Newsfilm Laboratories



N. Hollywood, CA.

Video post-production


Classic Video INC.

Optical Consultants


David Dountmaker



Dexter Fishpawe



Ruby Blickenstorfer



Harvey Milquest

Audio post-production



Post-production audio services provided


Del Casher’s California



Audio Post Recording

Post audio engineer


Tony Cannella

Post Audio assistant


David Aird




Original music composed, performed and recorded by

J.R. Bookwalter

Original Music

(c) 1989 Subtempeco Muzik Company




Created and performed on the Commodore AMIGA 500 Computer




On-set sound recordists


Kenneth Ingersoll



Cameron Auxer Armstrong

Zombie Noises & Dialouge Replacement


Brittany Wells



Ken Jepsen



Deborah Horenstein



Hedy Samson



Jerry Sommers



Grit Rockheat




"The Answer"

by Tim Prentice

(c)1986 Tim Prentice (BMI)

Performed by Joy Circuit

From the album "The Distraction"

On sinister Bop! Records




"Out On The Road"

"Lousiana Love Purchase"

by Mick Corcoran

(c)1989 Mikk Music

performed by

Willie and the wagon wheels




"A Dangerous Life"

by Rodney Shields

performed by IN-NINE




"The Dead Next Door"

by Mick Corcoran & Dave Sweeney

(c)1988 Mikk Music

performed by ARGUS




"Left For Dead"

by J.R. Bookwalter

(c)1988 Undead music and subtempeco Muzik

performed by J.R.BOOKWALTER




"Death In My Closet"

"Death and Violence"

"I Hate You"

by Mik Corcoran and Greg Bennett

(c) 1988 Mikk Music

performed by





"The Evil Dead"

Courtesy of Renaissance Pictures




Color by KODAK

Filmed on Eastman-Kodak Filmstocks




Filmed in


Aprogress where camera rigs are made out of 2x4s and PVC pipes




Titles and opticals


Classic Video, INC.



David Lange



Michael (D.O.C.) Porter



The Amazing AMIGA 500



J.R. Bookwalker




Copyright (c) 1989 amsco studios

Script (c) 1985 J.R. Bookwalter




The story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are stricktly ficticious and any similarity between this and persons living, dead, dying, undead, brain-dead or just sleeping is purley coincidental. SORRY!




Spcial Thanx 2:

Entenmenn’s Bakery

The 7-Up Company

The City of Akron, Ohio

Mr. Pat Antonino

The People & officals of Springfield Township, Ohio

Springfield High School (MR. James Gray)

Mogadore High School (R. Larry Stucky)

Mrs. Betty Ashcraft

Office of motion picture & TV Dev.

Washington, D.C.

The Ohio Film Bureau

The Akron soap box derby

Tallmadge A&W Restaurant (Ronald Hintz)

Edwin Shaw Hospital (Mr. Dan Church)

Pic-a-flick Video (Lynn Condos)

West Chevrolet (Laura Destro)

Springfield Township Pizza Hut

Mr. John Chapman & his Farmhouse

Tim O’Rawe

The Thomastown Party Center

Stafford Aviation

Newsfilm Laboratories (Mr. J. L. Levy)

The people of Benson, Arizona


Mr. And Mrs. Harold Wilson

Renaissance Pictures

Action Pictures

The Imagination Industry

Van’s Camera

F.S. Cameron (Fred Stuart)

Geoffrey Cole

Jay Shaffstall

Doug Snaufer, Dave Wagner and Vine Rosseti

The Members of JOY CIRCUIT

The members of ARGUS

David Kuehls

Steve McKelley & Jerry Berkebile




No Amount of Thanx 2:

A man called Grady

Bert and Murray





The director would like to thank:

Mr. And Mrs. Daniel Greathouse

Mr. And Mrs. Robert Bookwalter

Over 1,500 crazy Ohioans as extras

Too many horror insperations to name

And last but not least:

One hell of a cast and crew


YOU, the horror video viewer




transcripted by EoR

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