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Army Of Darkness Links:

imdb.com - Army Of Darkness at the International Movie Database

Robin's Army of Darkness archive - A site with an Army Of Darkness FAQ and more

www.bruce-campell.com - AOD site with a focus on Bruce Campell

Blood I - This a very cool first person shooter (doom-clone) that uses some sounds of AOD

Blood II - This is just the sequel of the ego-shooter with more cool sounds :)

a great AOD fan page - a goof-list, the alternative ending, and much more
Other movies at Gorenight's Home:

The film is amazingly funny and just has an atmosphere that you have to love. It is so over the top in the gore department, and I admire Jackson and all his mates, who put a few dollars a week into a box, and after a couple of years made this.

By far the most funny, entertaining, falsely gory, and brutally violent B movie I've ever seen. I was surprised at the quality of the production and the acting is actually OK. The vicar and the scene in the park were simply amazing. Definitely top of the heap. I can't wait to see what Peter Jackson is going to do with Lord of the Rings.

Dawn Of The Dead
as well as know in the horror genre for the most part sequels suck. but not dawn of the dead, just as good if not better then night of the living dead. there is alot of action through out the movie Tom Savini did a great job on the zombies showing us why he is the best make up man in horror. if you have not seen this movie go rent it now. George A. Romero did a great job as the director once again. a must see for all horror fans.

Day Of The Dead
Like "Return of the Jedi," "Day of the Dead" is the weakest film of the trilogy, but still really good. It's too bad George Romero wasn't able to make the movie he wanted to make. Otherwise this film might have even outdone "Dawn of the Dead." Nevertheless, it's a really good movie and still a lot better than any of the "Scream" clones Hollywood is force-feeding the public right now. Hopefully Romero will someday have a chance to make another Dead and maybe end the series the way he intended.

Dead Next Door
Though uncredited, cult director Sam Raimi (THE EVIL DEAD) financed this effort by first-time director J.R. Bookwalter. It was initially to be shot on video for $8,000 in 1985, but the production wound up being shot on Super-8mm film over the summer of 1986 for a record-breaking budget of $125,000. The production lagged on until February, 1989 when Raimi enlisted cohort Bruce Campbell ("Ash" from the EVIL DEAD movies) to oversee the post sound in Los Angeles. The movie was first released in 1990 by Electro Video where it began to garner a cult reputation. In 1992, Electro folded and Bookwalter reclaimed the movie for release on his Tempe Video label.

Evil Dead 1
No doubt about it, this is the mother of all horror movies. It's incredible how a group of guys made a movie like this one with practically home made makeup and efects. Forget about the Blair Witch Project!! If you want to see a great low budget horror film we have a winner: The Evil Dead!!!

Evil Dead 2
This is Sam Raimi's masterwork. Simply, the greatest horror/comedy/B-Movie ever (with Peter Jackson's genius Dead/Alive (Braindead outside of the US) coming in a close second). The pace of this film is what sets it apart. The action never stops. Just when you thought you had seen it all, something even more ridiculous happens.

From Dusk Till Dawn
As good as Tarantino's writing style is, and as entertaining as Rodriguez's directing also is (EL MARIACHI, DESPERADO), this horror film spoof (for one could not consider it satirical however the intertextual references to George Romero's films) is so much splatter-punk gore meets vampiric film. Essentially, it's fun for a few laughs...but beyond that it's merely a gratuitously violent film in the horror genre.

Pulp Fiction
Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction is a terrific film. Filled with dynamite action, great dialogue, and great characters. Also, great acting, directing and writing. And who can forget that memorable dance sequence and Samuel L. Jackson speech. It has loyalty among low lifes, and many other odd characters that are all bad and not one is a villain or hero. It is creative, inventive, funny, dramatic and the best (of Tarantino).

Reservoir Dogs
This movie is, in my opinion, one of the better movies of the past decade. Tarantino proves that you don't need glitzy special effects and a multi-million dollar budget to make a great film. If you liked Pulp Fiction, I highly recommend this.

Return Of The Living Dead 1
I think that this is the best zombie movie ever made. It has everything a horror fan could want---blood, gore, sex, and LINNEA QUIGLEY! Just don't start watching this movie without an open-mind and a sense of humor. This movie is not for everyone, but horror fans can't miss this classic horror gem. Also, if you ever get the opportunity, buy the soundtrack it is well worth the price and an awesome collectible.

Return Of The Living Dead 2
I really love this sequel. I was especially glad that Thom Matthews and James Karen made an appearance in this movie. The only thing that would have made this one better would be to have included Linnea Quigley in the fun again.

Return Of The Living Dead 3
This is yet another cool installment in the ROTLD series. It is as good as the first two, and sure to please all fans. I really liked the new approach to the story. There isn't a big stress on cemetery zombies like in the others, but it is still scary and gruesome. You can't lose with a good zombie movie

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1
Made in 1974, banned or heavly cuted in almost every country just cult ;) The Saw Is Family!

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